>> 5 Ways to Increase Your Take-Home Pay Without Working More Hours<<

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You're feeling overwhelmed on when you "should" be working and you just don't have the capacity (or desire) to work more hours in your business because you're already maxxed out.

You know you're making good money but you don't feel like it when you see how much you're actually paying yourself.

Let me show you easy adjustments you can make to maximize your profit. More profit = more money for you.



  • Simple steps to increase your profit and WHY it’s the #1 thing you can control to help you maximize your money without having to work more hours.
  • Learn what your business requires for expenses, so you can pay yourself what your business can actually afford and not just the bare minimum.
  • Why you NEED to save for taxes consistently and how doing this will make it so much easier for you to see what's available to you and what needs to be paid for taxes.
  • How to make sure you aren’t paying more to Uncle Sam than you need to. Learn how business entity selection and tax deductions can help save you money. More money saved = more money for you.
  • Why you absolutely need to get on a schedule! Randomly paying yourself money from your business isn’t sustainable and doesn’t feel very good. Learn how creating a schedule around your money will help you pay yourself consistently, without working more hours and even between launches.


  • You're a coach or course creator who is flying solo or working with a small team.
  • Your business is generating $20K in revenue per year or more.
  • You're paying yourself from your business and it's not consistent yet, but you would like it to be as soon as possible.
  • You want to build a profitable business without having to work 24/7.

About Megan

I’m here to help you ditch the overwhelm and be the CEO of your money.

I teach female coaches and course creators how to increase their profits and manage their money so they can consistently pay themselves from their business without working more hours or waiting for their next big launch.

You know you’re smart enough to do this and I know it too!

Megan Naasz, CPA

Megan Naasz, CPA